“At the recommendation of my chiropractor, I came to see Jeff in the summer of 2007 about lower back and quadricep issues that had been plaguing me for several months. I explained to Jeff that while playing in a high level softball tournament, I nearly tore my quadricep muscle while stretching for a ground ball in the infield. I recovered from the injury well enough to play again, but for some reason I went from being one of the best hitters on our team to being unable to hit a ball out of the infield.

“Jeff conducted some muscle flexibility tests and found that my quadricep was inhibiting my oblique muscles, robbing my swing of any power. Jeff cleared up the back problem in less than half an hour, and turned his attention to the quadriceps. At the end of the session he provided me with stretching exercises to loosen up my lower back and quadriceps, and wished me good luck at the upcoming tournament.

“The following weekend I went 11 for 14 with renewed power, allowing me to go for extra bases. Even my three outs were long fly balls. During regular league play, I found that my strength and control improved greatly. I am amazed that Jeff was able to help me so much in just one session.

“Our team again has qualified to participate in this year's high level tournament in August 2008. I am confident that I will, once again, perform to the best of my abilities. Thanks for everything, Jeff.”

~ Richard M., Los Angeles, CA