"I simply must write and tell you how much your treatments have helped me. I really appreciate your making time in your busy schedule to see me four days in a row during my recent brief visit to California. The relief you have given me as a result of those four treatments is almost miraculous.

"You probably remember that my biggest problem was the severe pain that extended over most of the right half of my back. That pain was so acute that I could not get out of bed without rolling over onto my abdomen, and then very carefully (and painfully!) pushing my self up until I could assume a sitting position. It was also difficult to lift anything -- suitcases were almost impossible!

"Now that pain is gone.

"Following my traffic accident in September, movement in my right leg was severely restricted. After the treatments you gave me during my trips to California in October and again in February, the movements in that leg has been fully restored and I no longer have the persistent pain in that leg that I had before.

"The help you have also given my wife Barbara has been no less spectacular. Your treatments have given us so much relief over the last two years! We both agree that your knowledge and skill are truly remarkable.

"How we wish there were someone here with your skill and knowledge! Would you believe that there is no one in the Houston area that I can find that offers neuro-kinetic therapy? I have searched and searched. I have found one massage therapist here who claims to have heard about it, but that's all. We can't help but envy your clients out there. We only get to visit our son and his family in California about three time a year. Yet we consider ourselves so fortunate to be able to avail ourselves of your services when we're there. We will certainly plan on seeing you during our next trip to California.

" A million thanks for all you've done!"

~ Owen T., Houston, TX