“For over five years I had been experiencing a debilitating chronic pain in my back just above my left hip.  I explored every possible avenue I was aware of (conventional and non) without any diagnosis.  Jeff treated me during what has now become my last and worst attack, in an effort to relieve my depth of pain and give me a chance to rest.  I hadn't slept for at least five days.  During this treatment, Jeff found that my pain was not muscular. Rather, he felt it was organ related, either an ovary or a kidney, and he suggested that I immediately follow up with my doctor.
At that point I requested an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound from my doctor, which revealed massive hyronephrosis (fluid build up) of my left kidney.  I was sent to specialists and corrective surgery was necessary.  My pain was due to what I have learned are called the 'pain referral muscles', which were signaling my body's malfunction, a blocked ureter.
Although Jeff was not able to help me directly, it was his intuitative guidance and advocacy that sent me in the right direction to further seek out the answers and help that I needed.  I am eternally grateful.”

~ Lynn K., Studio City, CA