“From the time I was a child, I had terrible back pain. I had grown up competitively riding horses and the long hours of riding, both over fences and dressage, had really damaged my back. In my thirties I had to have abdominal surgery, which further exacerbated the problem.

“I have a high pain threshold but every morning I was stiff and by the end of each day my muscles were in knots and my back ached. I would lay on the floor nightly trying to stretch and work out the pain. I seriously worried about being crippled in my old age and wondered if surgery was on the horizon.

“I heard about Jeff through friends who swore he was a miracle worker. 'I have had massages before,' I thought, but after their repeated prodding -- 'No! This is different!' -- I went. His treatments are something completely different than anything you have probably experienced or even heard about before. And, most importantly, they work. After only a handful of sessions with Jeff, I am now pain free for the first time since I can remember. Surgery? I can't imagine it now. With a few well placed taps and a little pressure here and a little pressure there from Jeff, I am cured!”

~ Heather K., Silver Lake, CA