“I first began working with Jeff Elam after I had broken my foot.  After time spent in a cast and on crutches, I had significant muscular imbalances and atrophy, as well as significant lower back pain due to the gait accommodations from being in the cast.  His Neuro-Kinetic Therapy helped me tremendously to correct those muscular imbalances and helped me to correct the patterns which were leading to the low back pain.  I found his work to be a perfect compliment to my own work in Pilates; with his extensive knowledge and intuitive approach he is able to create balance, correct muscular imbalances, and decrease pain and discomfort.

“Based upon my personal results with Jeff, I began referring clients to work with him as well.  Every client I referred to him achieved significant, if not profound results.  After even a single session with Jeff I would see dramatic changes in my clients in their Pilates work.”

~ Christine N., Alameda, CA